Place the QR code in your restaurants

Guests want to receive their order as quickly and conveniently as possible.

We provide services that provide your customers with convenience and speed.

At the same time, we leave an opportunity to carry out the order in the traditional way.

The waiter sees the number of the table from which the order is made

Guests place orders, and the waiter accepts it wherever he is.

At the same time, the waiter's time to accept the order is zero, he brings ready meals.

The guest does not need to wait for the waiter to make an order, ask for the menu again, or request an invoice.

The guest can also pay for the order immediately on the smartphone using the Liqpay payment system.


STEP 1. The guest scans the QR code

It is not necessary to scan the code every time, the site from the menu can be saved in bookmarks, or on the desktop of the smartphone

STEP 2. Selects dishes and drinks

Orders can be made both in the institution, and takeaway, or delivery for a specific hour

STEP 3. Makes an order

The order appears in the waiter's phone with an audible notification, and the customer also receives a check by e-mail.

STEP 4. The order goes to the kitchen or bar

The order goes to the kitchen or bar in the usual way, the order immediately indicates the type of payment and delivery

STEP 5. The waiter brings the order

Depending on the type of delivery, the waiter can place an order at the table, or pass it to the courier

STEP 6. Reports and customer base

The system stores all orders and statistics that can be used later for marketing


  • You can scan a QR code with a phone camera or a Viber application
  • Dishes are sorted by category
  • It is possible to make additions, sauces and more
  • Stop food is set in the menu. Guests will not see dishes that are not in the kitchen and bar
  • The guest can view their orders
  • The guest can bookmark the site or the desktop
  • Links to the site can be placed on social networks and set up advertising
  • The site will appear in Google search results by keywords
  • Month of free testing
  • Monthly subscription is only $25



- Reduction of time and energy to walk around the hall to receive orders
- Close contact with guests anywhere in the institution
- The waiter can serve more tables, respectively, higher tips and sales percentages
- The waiter does not lose the reorder, which the Guest can change his mind while the waiter is busy with another customer at the time of "Steam"
- More free time to keep the tables clean


- A convenient and easy way to inform the waiter, in his absence, what the guest wants at the moment
- Ability to instantly place an order (without downloading the program and registration)
- Guests receive their orders as quickly as possible
- The guest makes it clear that he is in a hurry and communication with the waiter is not important for him
- The menu is always "at hand"


-Increase the average check
- Reduce the cost of menus and promotions
- Current stop and hot emails can be adjusted in the system daily
- Attracting and retaining guests due to the high quality of modern service
- Advantage over competitors. You are one of the first to use world technologies
- Process automation increases speed
- Built-in remarketing system