Increase efficiency
restaurant business


You can start providing a unique service in just a few clicks. Your guests will be able to pre-order drinks and meals, as well as pick up the finished order without queuing, or make home deliveries.

Running within a week

Safe in quarantine

Cashless payments


Home delivery and pickup

Minimum contact with staff

Recommended by the Ministry of Health

Audible order notifications

Bonuses and promo codes

Electronic online menu

The online menu is a service created for restaurants, cafés, bars and various catering establishments. The main tasks facing our team – is to create a quality and modern site with 100% mobile adaptability, which can be an indispensable assistant for both customers and staff.

Increase the speed of order acceptance many times

Additional Services

Settings and support for instagram advertising during the calendar month

1000 UAH

Settings and support google during the calendar month

1000 UAH

Setting and support for facebook for a calendar month

1000 UAH

Development of graphic layouts of any complexity

from 250 UAH

Photo processing

50 UAH

Preparation of text up to 1000 characters

100 UAH

Maintaining an instagram account

1000 UAH

Maintaining a facebook account

1000 UAH

Acrylic supports of 180 * 75 mm

23 UAH


10 UAH

Animation in stories, posts

250 UAH

Animation in stories, posts

from 50 UAH

Graphic layout

from 200 UAH

More than 1,000 restaurants already
raised their profits thanks
safe menu